This retreat is perfect for you if:

This retreat is perfect for you if: 

*You are single and wondering if you’ll ever find love in your life.

*You are currently in a relationship and feeling unfulfilled or wondering if you should leave. 

*You struggle with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem in relationships.

*You wonder if there is something wrong with you that keeps you from finding a committed, fulfilling relationship.

*You are single and terrified to even consider dating (but somewhere deep inside you admit you want a relationship).

*You are recovering from a painful breakup or divorce.

*You have a hard time managing the anxiety of dating & relationships. ( i.e. does he like me?  Will she call?  Why hasn't he texted me yet? Did I say the wrong thing?)

*The thought of intimacy and vulnerability with a partner makes you want to run for the hills but somewhere deep inside you know that you don't want to spend your life alone.

*You are ready to commit to growth and love in your life.

More about the weekend:

*This retreat is for women only.

*We will explore strategies to open the heart, calm the mind, and connect to intuition with yoga  lead by Denver yoga instructor Cole Schlam.  (Yoga will be for all abilities).

*You'll be immersed in a nurturing, soul inspiring experience that will leave you feeling loved, grounded, and open hearted.

*Find a tribe of supportive people who "get it".

*Learn about your unique LOVE STYLE and how it affects your dating patterns and relationships. 

*You will learn exactly why you get so anxious when you're dating  or in a relationship, and how to manage this. 

*Uncover your authenticity and discover how to stop hiding yourself with partners.

*Discover the patterns and stories that make you repeat unhealthy, unsuccessful patterns in relationships.

*Embrace the vulnerability of love instead of fearing it.

*Learn strategies to date, love, or leave unhealthy relationships with courage, confidence, and resilience.

*Yoga & meditation experiences, healthy lunches and snacks provided daily.

*Begin the process of manifesting the love of your life (whether your partner is already in your life or not quite yet!)