This retreat is perfect for you if:

*You are single and wondering if you’ll ever find love in your life.

*You are currently in a relationship and feeling unfulfilled or wondering if you should leave. 

*You struggle with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem in relationships.

*You wonder if there is something wrong with you that keeps you from finding a committed, fulfilling relationship.

*You are single and terrified to even consider dating (but somewhere deep inside you admit you want a relationship).

*You are recovering from a painful breakup or divorce.

*You have a hard time managing the anxiety of dating & relationships. ( i.e. does he like me?  Will she call?  Why hasn't he texted me yet? Did I say the wrong thing?)

*The thought of intimacy and vulnerability with a partner makes you want to run for the hills but somewhere deep inside you know that you don't want to spend your life alone.

*You are ready to commit to growth and love in your life.

The Highland Haven Inn

The retreat will be held in Evergreen, Colorado at the Highland Haven Inn. The Inn is an intimate, award winning bed & breakfast nestled in the mountains of Colorado, that will provide the perfect backdrop for a retreat focused on love!

When you get here, you will know exactly why you're here.  (I am so excited to share this space with you!!)

Lodging is not included in the retreat price, but it is highly recommended that guests stay Friday and Saturday evening at the Inn, to immerse yourself in the full retreat experience. 

*Guests who stay at the Inn will have breakfast provided daily.

*Lunch and snacks will be provided both days. 

*Click here to learn more about the Highland Haven Inn.

More about the weekend:

*This retreat is for women only.

*Retreat is April 30-May 1, 2016, from 9-5 each day.

*We will explore strategies to open the heart, calm the mind, and connect to intuition with yoga  lead by Denver yoga instructor Cole Schlam.  (Yoga will be for all abilities).

*You'll be immersed in a nurturing, soul inspiring experience that will leave you feeling loved, grounded, and open hearted.

*Find a tribe of supportive people who "get it".

*Learn about your unique LOVE STYLE and how it affects your dating patterns and relationships. 

*You will learn exactly why you get so anxious when you're dating  or in a relationship, and how to manage this. 

*Uncover your authenticity and discover how to stop hiding yourself with partners.

*Discover the patterns and stories that make you repeat unhealthy, unsuccessful patterns in relationships.

*Embrace the vulnerability of love instead of fearing it.

*Learn strategies to date, love, or leave unhealthy relationships with courage, confidence, and resilience.

*Yoga & meditation experiences, healthy lunches and snacks provided daily.

*Begin the process of manifesting the love of your life (whether your partner is already in your life or not quite yet!)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay in a payment plan? 

Yes, you can pay in two payments, of $347each.

2. I'm in a relationship already. Is this retreat for me? 

The Destination Love Retreat is a great retreat for you if you are in a relationship that isn't fulfilling, is full of conflict, or leaves you questioning whether you should stay. If you are happily committed, this retreat is not for you. 

3. Do I have to rent a room in the Highland Haven Inn?

No, you don't. It is highly encouraged to stay, as you will have the full immersion experience of the retreat, but it is not required.

4. Can I share a room with someone?

There are several options for 2 bedroom cottages at the Inn. If you'd like to come with a friend, or if you'd like to split the cost of a room, please let Chelli know and she will do her best to match you with a roommate.

5. Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Bring your girlfriends, your sister, your mom... whoever you think might benefit from this! It is a fun, bonding experience for friends and family to work on these issues together. 

6. You mentioned yoga... what if I don't do yoga, or I don't think I'm in shape to do yoga?

We will be doing yoga each day, but it is not meant to be physically strenuous. My yoga instructor, Cole, can help you make adjustments for any physical needs, injuries, or disabilities. The yoga will be very comfortable, and focused on helping you reduce anxiety and open the heart space.  Most people find it relaxing and very helpful. 

7. Does this price include lodging or travel? 

No. The price of the retreat includes the full weekend of learning, activities, and materials that will be provided by Chelli to give you an incredible growth experience. Lodging at the Inn (or hotel of your choice) and travel are not included. Lunch, coffee, tea, and snacks will be included both days.  A full breakfast is included in your stay at the Inn if you choose to stay there. 

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